Digital Accessibility at Leeds

Make Leeds more digitally accessible

This site provides resources to help make your digital content accessible. It’s for anything you put online – whether it be a web page, document or video.

There are thousands of people in the University of Leeds community with a disability. Following this guidance helps them, and the millions around the world with a disability, to access your content.

What is digital accessibility?

Being digitally accessible means removing barriers from digital environments, such as websites and apps, that can hinder and exclude people with disabilities.

Just like other public sector bodies, the University has needed to meet specific accessibility regulations since 2018.

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Use these resources to make your content easier to access for everyone whether you’re making a web page from scratch, reviewing a document, or fixing problems with existing content.

What the rules are and how to follow them in the Leeds digital estate.
Read the guidance
Use these checklists and processes to make your content accessible.
See the checklists

Help with digital education systems

Much of the advice on this site can be applied to making learning materials and education-related web pages more accessible. For direct advice on using digital education systems, the Digital Education Systems Help site provides advice on using a range of tools, such as Minerva, PebblePad, Turnitin and much more.

More information

Have a digital accessibility query? Here’s who to ask.
Digital accessibility contacts
The University is committed to improving accessibility across its web estate.
Accessibility statement
Read The Public Sector Bodies Accessibility Regulations 2018 in full.
2018 accessibility regulations
The University is legally required to comply with many of these criteria.
WCAG 2.1 criteria

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