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Transcript: Vivid - The Ride Along - Episode 3




(Jeff Burton and Kolby Garrison are sat in a NASCAR racing car. Jeff is in the driver's seat. Kolby is being buckled into the passenger seat.)

Jeff Burton: What do you think, Kolby?

Kolby Garrison: I'm excited. Bring it on!

Kolby: My name is Kolby and I was born blind. I do not visualize NASCAR. It's more of conceptualization and learning through experience.

(Kolby touches different parts of a race car with her hands and is shown around a garage at a race track.)

Kolby: It may take a few more word choices and kind of an explanation that might be different from anything that somebody might have ever encountered before. But it's no less enriched because I don't see the world around me.

(Text on screen reads 'Vivid: The Ride Along'.)

Synthesised voice: We see Kolby and her fiance, David, riding in the back of a golf cart entering the infield at the race track.

Kolby: Today we are at Richmond Raceway exploring the different parts of a race car with Jeff Burton and then doing a ride-along.

(Jeff Burton greets Kolby by shaking her hand at the entrance to a garage at the race track. Text on screen reads 'Kolby Garrison' on the left and reads 'Jeff Burton' on the right.)

Jeff: Jeff Burton.

Kolby: It's so nice to meet you.

Jeff: Nice to meet you. How are you?

Kolby: Oh I'm great. How are you?

Jeff: I'm good. I'm great.

Kolby: Oh, my gosh.

Jeff: It's going to be a lot of fun.

Kolby: I'm thrilled to be here.

Jeff: Do you want to come over here and check this thing out?

Kolby: Sure.

Jeff: Can I lead you?

Kolby: Yeah.

Jeff: Come on.

(Jeff and Kolby stand in front of the car. The bonnet, or hood, is up and the engine exposed.)

Jeff: This is, we're going to start at the front. So we're at the right front. This is the right-front fender.

(Kolby touches a small, black grill on the front bumper of the car.)

Kolby: The screen is different. It has square holes and there's round holes on the grill.

Jeff: Correct, correct.

(Jeff and Kolby are stood at the back of the car. Jeff is guiding Kolby's left hand.)

Jeff: All right, so this is the trunk of the car, right? The rear spoiler.

(Jeff touches Kolby's hand to the spoiler.)

Kolby: Ah ha. So, spoiler is at the back of the car, splitter is towards, much more towards the ground.

Jeff: Exactly. So this is the rear window, okay? The rear window goes all the way to there.

(Jeff guides Kolby's hand to the back of the car's roof.)

Jeff: That's the beginning of the roof.

(Jeff and Kolby stand next to one of the car's front wheels.)

Jeff: So now we're at the back of the hood. Can you bend down again? This is that single lug nut that you keep hearing about.

Kolby: That experience made terminology and concepts that I have heard about on the radio and on television make so much more sense to me.

(Kolby is knelt by the same front wheel of the car holding the central lug nut in the wheel.)

Kolby: So it would be almost like a groove.

Jeff: Correct.

Kolby: Or a space that teeth would fit into.

Jeff: Exactly

Kolby: Kind of like a putting a puzzle together.

Jeff: If we're not careful you're going to take my job, because you're doing a lot, a much better job than I am.

(Kolby and Jeff laugh.)

Jeff: Want to stand up?

Kolby: Okay.

Jeff: We get to ride now. This is the fun part. This will be the fun part.

(Kolby laughs.)

Jeff: Now listen to what I'm going to tell you. This is supposed to be fun.

Kolby: Okay.

Jeff: I'm not going to scare you. I'ma go as fast as you wanna go.

Kolby: Fast!

(Upbeat music.)

Synthesised voice: Kolby is wearing a fireproof driver's suit putting on a helmet and climbing through the passenger-side window to get in the race car.

Jeff: What do you think, Kolby?

Kolby: I'm excited.

Jeff: That's awesome.

Kolby: Bring it on!

Jeff: Here we go!

(Jeff starts the car's engine. It makes a loud, deep rumbling noise.)

Jeff: How about that? So we're just rolling out of the garage now. We're on pit road. We just are halfway down pit road now. This race track, very small. It's only three quarters of a mile. We're actually off the exit of pit road. So I'm gonna start picking up the pace, okay?

Kolby: Okay.

(Vibrant mid-tempo dance music.)

Jeff: We're entering Turn 3. I'm right on the very bottom of the track. We're now in exiting Turn 4. And I'm going to go faster.

Kolby: Okay!

(The sound of the engine increases as the car increases speed around the track. Kolby smiles.)

Jeff: So we stopped right here at the start-finish line.

(Jeff turns off the car's engine.)

Jeff: Tell me what you were feeling, hearing, sensing.

Kolby: I think what captured my attention the most is probably just as we got faster, um, you could definitely, I could smell more rubber being put down on the track. The vibrations as you're accelerating and decelerating, how that, sort of, increases and then decreases. It feels like you're almost, like a sudden stop, even though you're, obviously, the motion is continuous. I think just it was so cool to listen to, um, the engine. Kind of, you know, as you were getting into the throttle and then letting out of the throttle for the turns.

Jeff: So I can see it and you can feel it. You can feel, this, to me, what makes the best race-car drivers is what they feel. And so what you're feeling already, to me, is fascinating.

(Kolby laughs.)

Jeff: Because you have a better sense of feel the first time you ever sat a race car than most people ever will. All right, Kolby, here we go. We're going to take a few more laps.

Kolby: Okay.

Jeff: I want you to walk me through this. I'm going to shut up and I'm going to let you talk. And everything you're feeling, smelling, hearing, I want to hear it, okay?

Kolby: Okay.

(Jeff starts that car and sets off.)

Jeff: You're gonna take, you're gonna take my job. You're the analyst.

Kolby: Okay!

Jeff: All right, here we go.

(Jeff drives fast around the track. The sound of the engine increases.)

Kolby: So we're accelerating. The pitch of the engine is getting much higher.

(The screen goes black and text reads, 'Take a moment and experience life through Kolby's point of view.')

(The engine noise reduces.)

Kolby: We're slowing down coming into a turn, moving to the left. My body is angled to the right. Still angled to the right as we are on the front stretch.

(The sound of the engine increases. A moving graphic representing an engine appears on the screen. It leans to represent the angle of the turn and turns red as the engine noise increases.)

Kolby: We turn to the left. My body is still angled to the right. You can really feel those G-forces right now. And how grippy the car is on the track.

(The word 'grippy' appears on screen and distorts in sync with Kolby's description.)

Kolby: We're decelerating into another turn.

(The word 'decelerating' appears on screen and widens in sync with Kolby's description.)

Kolby: I can smell the rubber probably more on the right side than the left, currently.

(The word 'smell' appears on screen and stretches off the bottom of the screen in sync with Kolby's description.)

Kolby: You can definitely tell there's more rubber being laid down in the turns than on the straightaways.

(The word 'rubber' appears on screen and stretches in sync with Kolby's description.)

Kolby: I can feel way more friction as it's happening, as those turns are happening.

(The word 'friction' appears on screen and wriggles in sync with Kolby's description.)

(The car pulls into a pit box and Jeff turns off the engine.)

Jeff: You're awesome. I, we've done a lot of rides and, Kolby, this is probably the, uh, the most special one we've done. You're an awesome person.
I love your energy and your enthusiasm.

Kolby: Oh my gosh. That was incredible! I, I cannot thank you enough. That was a, definitely an experience I'll always remember.

Jeff: Me too.

(Jeff laughs.)

Jeff: Me too. You need to teach, I tell you what, you can teach some drivers a few things about what they feel, I can tell you that.

(Kolby laughs.)

Jeff: I'm serious!

(Standing outside the car talking to Jeff.)

Kolby: That was, I don't know that there are words to describe that. That was, I will say memorable, is the first thing that comes to my mind.

Jeff: It's a very special day for all of us to have you here. Appreciate you being a race fan.

Kolby: Oh my gosh. I, you got a lifelong one here.

(Jeff laughs.)

Jeff: That's fun.

Kolby: And when I say avid, I mean avid.

Jeff: Oh, right on.

Kolby: I want to know every detail. You can't be too detailed. When you're describing something even if you just use one word...

(Kolby snaps her fingers.)

Kolby: ...that's different, that can almost, you know, that can sometimes just make that light bulb...

(Kolby snaps her fingers.)

Kolby: ...go off for me. Even that different word can make something make more sense to someone like myself who's never seen than it would have previously.

Jeff: Well thank you so much for coming. We really appreciate you.

(Jeff and Kolby hug.)

Kolby: Thank you, so much for everything

Jeff: You made all our days special.

(Jeff and Kolby pose for a picture in front of the car.)

Kolby: Oh my goodness you, you gave me an experience I will always remember.

(The word 'Vivid' displays on screen. Music fades out.)