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Digital audio


Digital audio content includes:

  • Podcasts.
  • Audio guides.
  • Audio recordings of live events.

Any digital audio shared in the University's digital estate must be published/provided with an audio transcript.


Audio transcripts must communicate all the verbal information with identification of different speakers, as well as any important, audible, non-verbal information (e.g. sound effects, laughter).

Learn how to produce a transcript with our guidance.

Background music

Background music should be avoided or very quiet during other important audio information.

Commissioning digital audio

A supplier would typically be expected to provide the following, as appropriate, in line with this guidance:

  • A transcript.
  • Captions (if the audio is planned to be uploaded to YouTube, where it will double as a video).

For full guidance on how to commission accessible digital audio see the Digital audio and video page.

Foreign language

Digital audio or video intended for an English-speaking audience that contains spoken foreign language should use a voiceover to relay what is being communicated.

For full guidance on accessible foreign language in digital audio see the Digital audio and video page.