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Foreign language

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If foreign language is used on a page it must be marked up. Jadu Continuum and Word provide built-in processes for this.

What and why:  Marking up foreign language means braille translation software will be able to adapt braille to the specified language, for example, adding in accented characters. Also, screen readers that support multiple languages have a better opportunity to announce the term with proper pronunciation.


If you are using single words in your sentences that have been adopted by English, for example, ‘rendezvous’, there is no need to mark it up as a foreign language.

Some technical terms may originate from a foreign language, but are universal and don’t need marking up. For example, 'habeas corpus'.

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How to

Foreign language for Jadu users

It is not possible to add foreign language in older versions of Jadu.

How to set foreign language in Jadu Continuum

  1. Highlight the foreign language phrase or term.
  2. Select the 'Set language' button.
  3. Select the language from the drop-down menu.

Tip: This process may make your phrase appear as though it's in a different font in the latest (as of August 2021) version of the University's design system. Rest assured that nothing is wrong, and your page is still accessible.

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Foreign language for WordPress users

You are not able to set foreign language on phrases in WordPress at this time.

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Foreign language for Word users

  1. Highlight the text that is in a foreign language.
  2. Select the 'Review' tab in the toolbar.
  3. Under 'Language' select 'Set Proofing Language'.
  4. In the 'Language' pop up, select the language the term is in from the options within 'Mark selected text as'.
  5. Select 'OK'.

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