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Image captions

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In the case of still images, a caption is a short piece of text used to provide context to the image. It usually shows beneath the graphic.

There are some important considerations regarding captions as opposed to alt text:

  • A caption is not the same as alt text.
  • Captions can provide context around an image’s use and don’t have to describe the contents of the image.
  • Image captions are optional for compliant accessible websites and documents.

How to

Image captions for Jadu users

  1. Access the Image Library on the Jadu toolbar using the 'Insert Image' button.
  2. With the image selected, check the 'Show caption' box.
  3. Select the ‘Edit’ button.
    Editing the alt text in Jadu Continuum means using the Edit button in the Image Library.
  4. Update the ‘Caption’ field and select the ‘Save And Use’ button.Adding caption text in the Jadu Contiuum image library editor.

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Image captions for WordPress users

There are two ways to add a caption to an image in the WordPress Media library.

  1. Add the caption to your image as soon as you add it to the Media Library. You can also fill in the alt text here.
  2. Add a caption after the image has been added to a page or post.

To add a caption after the image has been added to a page or post:

  1. Click on the image in the editor.
  2. Select the ‘Edit’ button in the pop-up menu.You can edit the alt text of an image that has already been uploaded and added to a page just by selecting it and then choosing the edit icon.
  3. Fill in 'Caption' field. Once your cursor exits the caption box, WordPress will auto-save the image and new details.
    Adding a caption to an image in WordPress using the Image details area.

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Image captions for Word users

  1. Select the image to caption, then go to the 'References' tab. Select the 'Insert Caption' button.
  2. When 'Caption' dialogue box appears, select 'New Label'.
  3. When the 'New Label' dialogue box appears, type your caption into the 'Label' field then select 'OK'.

Adding an image caption in Microsoft Word makes use of the Insert Caption button, this provides a range of options for accessible mark-up.

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